Reflection of 2015:

When I was on the brink of no return, as a minor I was truly blessed with a chance. Felony 1 home invasion what I was looking at with a newborn baby-girl on the way, but I learned eventually there are real people in this world to really help and love you. While goin’ through my process I came across a wonderful person, (Ms. Noyes) whom took her love far enough to skip teaching for a day with me and sit in dreadful court for hours just to give the judge her testimony on who I am. I was still put on probation, but she never let up on me. She eventually came up with the greatest idea for me that later helped me with my case. She came across a video contest and told me to enter it. I did a video describing struggle, pain, and overcoming obstacles to become great. I won the top prize for the contest which was a cash prize that I used to pay my restitution. I say all of this to show how much help Ms. Noyes was willing to give to a person she easily could have cared less about. With that type of energy at school and my mother in my life at home I was able to do a 360. At 16 I was a lost and now at the age of 21 I am a working father of a 4-year-old (to whom I have full-custody) with a lot more ahead for me in my future. I can definitely say due to Ms. Noyes being the person she is not being afraid to think out of the box I wouldn’t be where I am today (All wording is directly as dictated by Marcus).

-Marcus Walker, Pittsburgh PA