Bryant Homes Leadership

Maurice Bryant and Jessica Noyes' shared commitment to helping the community

Empowered by Intelligence, People Skills, and Dedication to Hard Work which soon led them to co-found BRYANT HOMES.

Co-Founder and Executive Director Maurice Bryant

Maurice Bryant, a Jacksonville native, worked 6 years as a merchant seaman, stepping away from this job to pursue his passion, improving the reentry process for former offenders. He created Bryant Homes and started Bryant Visions, a property management company which exists as a resource for the residents of Bryant Homes. Through Bryant Visions, Residents of Bryant Homes receive immediate employment and on the job training.

His Passion

Maurice developed his passion to empower ex-offenders watching immediate family members go through the system. Maurice reflects, “When they get out of jail, they don’t know what their next move is. Seeing my family members go thru this has really opened my eyes to the struggles that other men and women in the same position go thru during the re-entry process.” He has become part of the solution to that problem.

Prior to being a merchant seaman, Maurice worked at a group home for at-risk teens. Maurice acted as a mentor to the teens, working with them on soft-skills, independent living, and character development. When one of the males had a job interview, he would bring in a collection of his own dress clothes, letting them choose what they wanted to wear. Following the interview, he allowed them to keep the clothes.

His Vision

Maurice’s vision and passion are matched only by his hard work and compassion. He pours all these into Bryant Homes, knowing that it will change lives. Maurice understands that life is a marathon and that it cannot be won in a quick sprint but believes that with the right support and guidance the victory lap will be run!

Co-Founder and Director Jessica Noyes

Jessica has a long history of working with youth and young adults involved in the criminal justice system. She currently resides in Brunswick, Georgia where she is a high school special education teacher. She developed a  passion for supporting former offenders watching the justice system impact the lives of her students.

Her Passion

Before teaching in Georgia Jessica was employed in several positions which honed her insight and compassion for the people who fill our jails and prisons. After student teaching in Chester, PA, a top ten neighborhood in national murder rates, she continued to teach in challenging situations.

Jessica taught at a high school for students who could not succeed in traditional school but of school age. The students either dropped out or been expelled from traditional schools yet wanted a high school diploma.

 Jessica taught special education at an all-boys residential alternative school. These young men had convictions ranging from minor drug charges to felony gun charges. Because of her experience and skill, Jessica was often assigned students other teachers couldn’t handle.

Her Vision

From truancy to attempted homicide, many of Jessica’s students were involved in the criminal justice system. She states that, “The label given to individuals by the legal system doesn’t concern me. Each person is more than what they have done. Therefore, I want to provide a way for individuals to re-build their lives despite their past.”