Radio Interview- First Coast Jacksonville with Melissa Ross 

Maurice Bryant

Executive Director


Jessica Noyes


In Florida according to data retrieved from the research done by Prison Policy Initiative, 833 out of every 100,000 Floridians are incarcerated. The majority of those who are incarcerated will be released. Upon release many will need a home, even if it is only transitional. Bryant Homes was designed and organized to provide transitional living to ex-offenders in Jacksonville, Florida. Bryant Homes strives to not only provide housing, but also soft-skills, job-training and adult education to their residents. Our expectation is that 100% of our residents will have full-time jobs upon transitioning from our home to their own home. Bryant Homes will measure our success with entrance and exit surveys followed by annual surveys to former residents for 5-years after they're living in Bryant Homes. The surveys will include but not be limited to questions concerning housing, job security as well as demographics.

Executive Summary